February 22, 2018

Recently I've noticed that my children seem to require a LOT of maintenance. I'm talking about the constant need for me to remind them to complete very basic tasks like brushing their teeth, taking a bath, working on their homework—you name it. This is the kind of absent-minded behavior that you come to expect from a toddler, but what about from an 8 and 10 year old? Heck-to-the-no. One day last week I decided I had enough. Finally, we got to the "straw that broke the camel's back" and I had an epiphany about boundaries. 

It all began one perfectly boring Tuesday night when I asked my daughter Aubrey to put on her pajamas. I ended up asking her to put on those pajamas no less than 4 times within a 30-minute time span. She eventually ran away from me in a huff, slammed her bedroom door, and then slid a paper very casually underneath the door. As I walked over to see the paper, I had a feeling this wasn't going to be good. The paper had 3 "I hate you" messages wri...

September 20, 2017

I don't care if it's football, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, gymnastics, or anything else. It is hard work keeping our kids organized, carted around to practices and games, and keeping even a moment in our day available for ourselves. But let me tell you this—your kids are noticing.

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Raising the Tribe

Encouragement for          moms to follow their arrow.

Hi, my name is Aly and I'm a full-time working mom of 3 crazy beautiful kids and the wife to a Navy helicopter pilot. If your parenting journey is anything like mine, there are days where you feel like a total failure and those (much better) days where you feel like a parenting rock star. As long as you follow your arrow and listen to that inner voice that guides you to being the best mom you can be—your kids are living a blessed life. Congrats, you are doing this mom thing right! I hope you enjoy my blog and all the stories of this non-conventional mom's life. Click here to meet my tribe or explore one of the links below.

My name is Aly and I'm a wife, mommy, and marketer. I hope that by sharing my (often hilarious) adventures in parenting, someone will feel just a little more normal.


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